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SW parameter settings for applications


Hi there,
We are trying to use INTEL X6414RE PROCESSOR on one of our product, but we face below problem to fix before we decide to use it, could you pls help to check and answer the question from engineer?
We are using Slimbootloader with Intel FSP MR5, the PseTSN1 is using SGMII to connect a switch ASIC and we want the speed to 2.5G, the FSP setting "PseTsnGbePhyInterfaceType[1]" is set to 0x3 which means SGMII+, but we only get the SGMII bus running on 1G, and the PCI_DeviceID for PseTsn1 remains 0x4bb1(We should get the device ID is 0x4bb2 if the SGMII is running in 2.5G mode).

We also set the “PseTsnGbeLinkSpeed[1]” to 0x2 for 38.4Mhz 2.5Gbps link speed, but seems its not affect the SGMII. The device ID still 0x4bb1.

As PseTsn0 is using RGMII mode and PchTsn is disabled in our use case, and the Serdes Lane 9 is used for PseTsn1 SGMII, if there are other constrains to get the 2.5G SGMII work.
CHHZ from Unigen Corp.

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Hello,  @CHHZ:

Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.

The consultations related to Slimbootloader should be addressed as a reference to the channels listed on the following website:


Best regards,


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