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Virtual Conference about Small Form Factor Boards


Small Form Factor Computing has evolved from low performing embedded platforms to robust, standardized and scalable solutions for a wide spectrum of industries. Intel's Atom processor is meanwhile the dominating CPU for Computer-on-Modules and Single Board Computers, as you can see in the FREE Virtual Conference about Small Form Factor Boards from ICC Media.At this archived Virtual Conference, Intel and the major boards vendors are introducing the latest Technologies, Technical Trends and Product Innovations. Scope of the SFF Boards Virtual Conference are Webinars, Videos and technical Documnetation about- Intel Technologies for the Embedded Market- Latest Trends with SFF Boards- Pros and Cons of the different form factors- Technologies, Applications, Product & ServicesThe Free Virtual Conference about Small Form Factor Boards is availble on: http://www.SFFBvcon.com http://www.SFFBvcon.com" rel="nofollow">www.SFFBvcon.com

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