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WinCE6 on D510DMO (NM10 chipset)


First of all I'm not sure if I'm on the right community/board posting this, but I figured there'd be a lot of experts on the subject here.

We're currently running Windows CE 6.0 on a 945GME chipset with Atom N270 processor. This is working perfectly fine using the Intel BSP/PSP (v2.4) for Windows CE 6.0. However, the NM10 platform is very new and not mentioned in this version of the BSP.

Does anyone know if the NM10 is usable with this BSP? As a bare minimum i need USB and SATA support.

Maybe someone also knows if the NM10 will ever be supported in the CE6.0 BSP? It seems to be marketed as a desktop board instead of an embedded board.

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