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does intel Pentium N4200 processor support UART interface


 I want to send data to my motherboard with said processor so I used a a usb to uart converter, I think this converter has to be listed under com ports in device manager. unfortunately its listing under other device. what should I do to make it visible under com ports. I have downloaded Intel processor win 10 uart subdevice file, but it didn't help

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Hello, @SSHOU1​:


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Could you please tell us if the projects related to this forum have been designed by you or by a third-party company? In case that they are third-party units please give the part number, model, name of the manufacturer, where it is stated the information related to it. In case that it is your design, could you please clarify it has been reviewed by Intel and list the sources that you have used to develop it?


By the way, could you please clarify if this situation happens with a specific Operating System (OS) , specific port or various, also with a specific device or various? Please give all the details related to this condition.


We are waiting for your reply.


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