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Announcing new Software Support resource in Intel® Embedded Design Center

A Software Support Board has been added to the Intel® e-Help Desk, where Intel representatives are ready to answer your software related questions and provide direction to help you diagnose and troubleshoot your design. Through the software board we provide support for questions on features and configuration, documentation, as well as software compatibility.

The e-Help Desk is available at no charge to Community members with Privileged account status *. Privileged members also have access to certain confidential documentation and technical specifications that are not available to Basic members." rel="nofollow" target=_blank>Click here to request an upgrade to your account.

* About Privileged Status:

Note that we have recently changed the naming of our membership levels. We have two levels- Basic (default) and Privileged. Previously these were called Public and Private. If you already had Private status, you are now considered Privileged.

What's the difference between the e-Help Software Support Board and the Embedded Community's Software & Tools Discussion?

  • Although Intel personnel periodically respond to technical questions posted in the Software & Tools Discussion, it is intended primarily as an open forum for communicating among Community members on a wide range of topics, not necessarily support-oriented. e-Help is focused on technical support and is staffed by dedicated Intel resources.

  • The Software & Tools Discussion is open to all Community members whereas the e-Help Software Support board is available only to Privileged members.

Technical questions about software? Check out this new resource today!

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