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QUERY : anyone got QNX641 running on the Jasper Forest?


anyone has been able to get QNX-641 to run on the Jasper Forest?

have a great evening,



{ LOST : Sinclair ZX, NextStep, BeBox, inmos Transputer, ZN414 }

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hello ffolks:QSSL will be releasing QNX Neutrino 6.5.0 in June 2010 with support for the Intel Jasper Forest / Ibex Peak now released to the public as Xeon C5500/C3500. details are available in intel Embedded Design Center (EDC) (" target="_blank"> and some on intel ARK (" target="_blank"> many vendors interested in it.note the `C' to distinguish it from the Xeon5500.Embedded Xeon CPUs have integrated I/O" target="_blank">® Xeon® Processor C5500/C3500 Series and Intel® 3420 Chipset FormerlyPicket Post (Jasper Forest + Ibex Peak PCH) hdatashts hdatashts" target="_blank"> hdatashtsIntel releases 'Jasper Forest' Xeon chip" target="_blank"> 2009: Intel Jasper Forest Platform" target="_blank"> Jasper Forest!" target="_blank"> executive talks about next generation storage with Jasper Forest" target="_blank">" target="_blank"> Embedded Design Center (BIOS specs, etc)" target="_blank">® Embedded and Communications Alliance" target="_blank"> and BIOS for Embedded Intel® Architecture" target="_blank"> is the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI)? q3-content=q3-toggle q3-content=q3-toggle" target="_blank"> q3-content=q3-toggle~~visible-contentProducts (Formerly Jasper Forest)" target="_blank"> Less Chip, So Many Possibilities" target="_blank">® 3420 Chipset" target="_blank">® Xeon® Processor C5500/C3500 Series and Intel® 3420Chipset Formerly Picket Post (Jasper Forest + Ibex Peak PCH) hardware hardware" target="_blank"> hardwarebtw, vxWorks is now available for the Intel Xeon 5500, though i am not sure if they include the C5500 or not.VxWorks 6.7 for Intel® Xeon® 5500 Processor" target="_blank"> Wind River Claims Lead in Embedded Linux July 23, 2009" target="_blank"> Wind River subsidiary is now the leader in embedded Linux[...]Intel Buys Wind River for Embedded Software June 4, 2009" target="_blank"> a good day,Aaron--{ A Conversation with Bjarne Stroustrup on ROGUE WAVE bugsy wugsy software" target="_blank">}