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Building Crown Beach with BLDK 2.0.0 for Windows


I'm having problems building the Crown Beach (Core Version with the BLDK 2.0.0 install in Windows. I am able to build the Foxbrook code fine. The only instructions I can find for the BLDK Dev App are the Linux setup and start up guides. When I try to build the crown beach I get:

makefile(71) : fatal error U1052: file '$(wildcard features.mak)' not found

So I change the line in the Makefile from

include $(wildcard features.mak)


include features.mak

And I get this error:

makefile(75) : fatal error U1034: syntax error : separator missing

Which is line


I feel I have some simple setup error since its not even making it through the first few lines of the Makefile. It is possible to do this build in Windows? I only see instuctuions for Fedora and no other discussions about building in Windows.



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I believe this should be doable with Windows. Let me make you aware of a support resource you will probably find useful. The Intel® e-Help desk is staffed by Intel representatives who support select Intel embedded platforms including Intel® Atom™ and associated chipsets, and BLDK.

To access e-Help, you need to be a Privileged member of the Intel® Embedded Community. If you are not already a Privileged member, you can request an upgrade to your community account here:

https://edc.intel.com/My-Account.aspx https://edc.intel.com/My-Account.aspx

In addition to access to e-Help, Prvileged members may also access the confidential content within the Intel® Embedded Design Center, such as design documents, specifications, and training materials.

Here's where you go in e-Help for BLDK:

http://embedded.communities.intel.com/community/en/intel_e-help_desk/software_support http://embedded.communities.intel.com/community/en/intel_e-help_desk/software_support

I hope this helps.


J. Felix McNulty

Community Moderator (Intel contractor)