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Can a PCH become a damage over a SATA connection? Our Mainboard Manufacture had a Hirose connector for SATA.


Hello, so we are an industrial panel pc manufactur and we have a problem with one board. The CPU is the i7-6822EQ and the Chipset is the QM170. The manufactur of the mainboard says that the pch can be damaged over a little scretch so is this possible? We had found a little problem with the sata connector so its not standard and goes directly to the pch. We have many CRC fails with this cable. Is it possible that the pch became a damage after many CRC fails?

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Could you please give the sources to determine this situation? By the way, could you please provide all the information of the design related to the cited condition? Could you please list the sources that you have used to develop the project related to this thread?


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