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Embedded UEFI Presentation from IDF Taiwan 2008


Server, desktop & notebook customers have been looking at UEFI as a "replacement" for their standard BIOS over the past few years. UEFI is now working its way into the embedded IA market. With that in mind, this IDF Taiwan 2008 presentation is a good reference.

http://intel.wingateweb.com/taiwan08/published/sessions/TEDS003/FA08\%20IDF-Taipei_TEDS003_100.pdf http://intel.wingateweb.com/taiwan08/published/sessions/TEDS003/FA08\%20IDF-Taipei_TEDS003_100.pdf" >Optimizing the Framework for Embedded Applications

The presentation is available in the APAC IDF online content catalog at http://www.apacidf.com http://www.apacidf.com" >www.apacidf.com.

I gave this presentation with Miller Chang from Advantech and James Shih from Intel Corporation, and I believe it's a good demonstration of the many areas where UEFI can add value to embedded development. We discuss the basic architecture of UEFI, how it can be used in the pre-boot application space and give a demonstration of how a UEFI BIOS can optimized for fastboot scenarios. My fastboot demo optimizes a "standard" UEFI BIOS implementation to boot in under a second on an Intel Atom N270 platform.

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