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Generate BLDK Firmware image for 4MB/8MB


Hi All,

Our customer board has got 8MB flash device hence i need to generate the firmware image for 8MB.

when we build BLDK image,it generates 1MB firmware image only and we could not able to flash it on 8MB flash device as it throws error that "firmware image size and flash device size does not match".

Can you please let me know that how to generate the 8MB BLDK firmware image?

Attached CrownbayPlatformPkg file which describes "E6xx platform with 32-bit DXE for 1MB flash devices" in line no 8.


Sreejith P

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The .fdf file in the build describes the layout of the flash device, so that could be updated to generate an 8MB image for the particular SPI flash device on the customer's board.

The .fdf file specifies the size of the image and how things are laid out, so if you update that file, you can generate an 8MB image. The .fdf file format is described in the EDK II specifications.

However, given that the Crown Bay platform has no firmware descriptor or any other firmware components, as long as the 1MB image is simply flashed to the last 1MB of the device, it should work just fine.

What are you using to flash the image?

If using a DediProg, simply use Batch mode in the DediProg software to just update the last 1MB instead of the whole device.

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