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How are SFF-based applications using the multi-core platform capabilities?


After posting a previous blog, I received an e-mail seeking some input about how applications built with small form factors that incorporate multi-core platforms are using some of the neat technologies that these platforms enable. (I.e. Solutions built around http://us.kontron.com/products/computeronmodules/ http://us.kontron.com/products/computeronmodules/" >Computer-On-Modules such as the new Kontron http://us.kontron.com/products/computeronmodules/com+express/etxexpress/etxexpresspc.html http://us.kontron.com/products/computeronmodules/com+express/etxexpress/etxexpresspc.html" >ETXexpress-PC COM Express module featuring the latest 45 nm generations of Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo processors with the new SSE4 instruction set and the new Intel® GS45 chipset.) This inquiring mind wanted to know: How are Virtualization and Hyper-threading being employed in embedded applications?

I've promised the inquirer that I'd get back later with some feedback, but in the meantime... This is the Embedded Forum: A great place for questions such as this to be addressed! What are the key technologies of the multi-core platforms for your application and how are you using them?

Christine Van De Graaf

Product Marketing Manager, Embedded Modules Division

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