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How can I get rid of Intel Boot Agent?

I would very much appreciate some help with a problem that Intel’s Boot Agent has caused in my Lenovo T 440. The machine is running Windows 10 with BIOS GJET99WW (2.49).

Boot Agent has taken over. The Lenovo boots to its screen, which will take me nowhere else but the BIOS. All UEFI options in BIOS are greyed out. I can’t alter the boot options. I have tried booting with an external CD drive, without result.

Boot Agent, to me, is pretty much a useless piece of software, so I want to get rid of it. Indeed, I have no idea how it got into the machine. If it was me, I have no memory of it, and I am almost a stranger to the Intel website.

I would be reluctant to wipe the hard drive clean in order to deal with this, but not dead set against it. Most of it is backed up, so all I would lose would be time spent rebuilding. My experience with computers being that of a knowledgeable amateur only, I’m not even sure that Intel Boot Agent lives on the hard drive. It seems it may somehow be embedded in the BIOS. That’s perhaps just a fear.


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