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How to Apply Apollo Lake PMC Hotfix


Hi Intel Community,


We are currently debugging a boot issue in some of our boards and there is this Apollo Lake PMC Hotfix which may fix it and we want to apply it on our boards. 

What we saw in the software kit is only a .bin file.

We have no knowledge in developing the BIOS or firmware for the SoC.

Is there a direct method to apply this to the SoC? (via Windows or UEFI utility?)

Or is this something that should be integrated to the BIOS?


Here are some details.

What is the model of the Intel® Processor? FH8066802979703 SR2Z5 Apollo Lake Pentium N4200

What is the model of the motherboard? Custom design

Is this a new computer? Yes

Was it working fine before? Some batches work fine, the faulty samples boot successfully only when the SoC is heated, the error resurfaces when the SoC cools down

When did the issue start? Random faulty samples started around 2017~2018

Did you make any recent hardware/software changes? No

Which Windows* version are you using? Windows 10

Does the problem happen at home or in the work environment? Issue was caught during testing in manufacturing


Hoping someone could enlighten us.

Please let us know which board this should be posted if this is not the right one


Thank you very much.


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Hello, @icecrackers:

Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.
We sent an email to the address associated with this account with information that may help you.
Best regards,


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