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Imatis Delivers Integrated Patient Self-Service and Hospital Information Applications with Advantech Infotainment Terminals


Market: Medical

Location: Norway

Technology Partner: Imatis

Project Introduction

Imatis is a leading provider of innovative software solutions for the healthcare industry. Imatis

products focus on connecting people, information, processes, and systems within a healthcare

organization to achieve truly integrated healthcare systems.

The infotainment market began as a replacement to TV sets in hospital patient rooms. As technology

developed, the focus grew to include clinical access and connectivity to hospital information

systems (HIS). The industry is now demanding integrated portals that can provide patient applications

such as meal ordering, patient blogs, and a nurse call system; serve as platforms for viewing

X-rays, scans, and patient charts; be adapted for customized ward or department-specific services;

and provide hospitals with a method to create an electronic medical record (EMR) as mandated by

more and more government health care agencies. This is all in addition to serving entertainment

needs like TV, radio, video, internet, console gaming, telephone, instant messaging and VOIP.


Imatis has developed into the clear leader in the global market for infotainment in the healthcare

industry. They provide an integrated application system, IMATIS Ludus, which runs on Advantech

Patient Infotainment Terminals like the PIT-1502. They recently installed 300 of these terminals in

St. Olav's University Hospital, in Trondheim, Norway, as part of a technology refresh. St. Olav's

is a state-of-the-art hospital which was built with digital healthcare technology from the ground up.

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