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Intel Realsense D435 with RaspberryPi: Best practice installation guide

Dear Intel-Team,

I've followed this tutorial to install librealsense, pyrealsense2 library and the other libs:

Since I think the description on the Intel Github Repo might be a bit outdated and it didn't work for me in the first place.

The installation went fine for me, however when I've copied the SD card to test the image on another Raspberry PI (switched from lower performance 2GB version to higher performance 4GB version), the code execution time increased by a factor of 5 and I just couldn't see what I've done wrong.

Now, I'm wondering if it is possible to just generate an image using the built-in function of the Raspberry Pi Os or whether I always have to build it from scratch.

Could you please recommend a guide to the latest best practice installation of librealsense for Raspberry?

Thank you a lot!

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Hello, @Markovicz:

Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.

The Intel® RealSense™ consultations should be addressed to the channels listed in the following website:

Best regards,


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