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Intel Xeon D and Raptor Lake package information

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I'm looking for the package characteristics of several Intel processors to evaluate the assembly requirements of the processors on our boards. I'm looking in particular for the ball pitch used for:

- Intel XEON D family: for the D-1500, it seems to be 0.7mm but can you confirm ?

- Also, I can't find the information for the recent devices, such as D-1700, D-1800, D-2700 and D-2800, can you help ?

- I'm looking for the same information for the Raptor Lake HRE (iCore 3, 5 & 7) family,

Thanks for your help,


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Hello @Teepee,


Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.


You can check the document #574966 - All Segments MAS Documents or the following link:



The 1500-D is Grangeville, you can check section 2.7 Microserver - Grangeville (Broadwell DE) from document #574966 or directly look for the document #544983 - Manufacturing with the Intel Microserver Platform Code Named Grangeville.


Just to confirm, you are correct, the Ball Pitch is 0.7 mm.



For the other Xeon devices I think they are Ice Lake-D, you can check document #627151 for them, includes Idaville LCC and HCC.


For Raptor Lake, you can check document #735615.


You will need a Premier account in order to get access to these documents.


I hope this may be of help.


Best regards,



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