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MITI study says 40\% of quality problems in embedded systems are software errors


I read this blog regarding the MITI study and wondered, how many of you agree with that number? (40\%)

Here's a clip from the blog from Yuriy Zaytsev:

"Over 40\% of the quality problems with embedded products after shipment are caused by software errors.


leading cause of the quality problems with embedded products after

shipment was software errors (46.3\%), followed by hardware design

faults (21.8\%) and production faults (12.7\%). A trend over the past

four years is that the percentage of faults during product

conceptualization and specification continues to fall year after year.

Software errors have remained the major cause of quality problems for

the past four years.+ "

Read more here: http://blogs.msdn.com/asehmi/archive/2008/10/07/architecture-journal-17-article-on-distributed-embed... http://blogs.msdn.com/asehmi/archive/2008/10/07/architecture-journal-17-article-on-distributed-embed..." >

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The topic is quite curious, i must say