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NORCO's IPC Solution for Mobile Phone Inspection & Testing System


With the rapid development of mobile communication, the use of cellphone is becoming more and more pervasive and has become an indispensable part in people's daily life. Every year, Thousands of new mobile phones coming into market, with different brands and different new features. Therefore, the quality becomes the first and the most important factor for customers to make the buying decision. Almost every mobile phone manufacturer has notice this factor and every mobile phone must passed a series of severe quality tests before entering the market. However the inspection and testing system is also affecting the testing results. Many mobile phone manufacturers begin to looking for better and more reliable solution for their cellphone inspection and testing system

System Requirements:A main controlling computer compatible with mobile phone inspection and testing software will be used as the core part for this solution. Insert an PCI-PIB card into the industrial PC and then connect to the mobile phone test equipment via the GPIB interface, to realize the cellphone's download system test and other functions, such as multi-media test, voice test, LCD test and keypad test, etc. The main controlling platform will affect the efficiency of the testing equipment, therefore, customers have a very high requirements about its computing power, expansion compatibility and operability.
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