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NVMe Hard-IP Support in i7-1185G7E


We are evaluating alternative COM Express single board computers.  A key feature we are looking for is NVMe support.  My understanding is that in older CPU’s, the PCIe interface to an NVMe device was handled primarily through the software driver.  Consequently, the speed gain that you could get was limited.  In more recent CPU’s, however, more of the interface is handled in libraries included in the CPU itself, reducing the demand on the software driver and helping to increase speed.  The COM Express board we are considering is the ADLink Technologies cExpress-TL which has the i7-1185G7E.  My understanding is that this CPU uses an embedded chipset (there is no other chipset device on the board).  So the question regarding NVMe support applies to the i7-1185G7E as a whole.

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Yes. The Intel® Core™ i7-1185G7E includes a PCIe port x4 lane Gen3, it supports M.2 and NVMe.


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