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Portwell, Inc., a world-leading innovator in the Industrial PC (IPC) market, is proud to announce their promotion from Associate Member to Premier Member in the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance. Portwell is also announcing today, the Portwell WADE-8013, which adopts the Mini-ITX form factor and utilizes the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors. The new WADE-8013 is designed to provide high performance and flexibility for functional expansion. Moreover, WADE-8013 is ideal for applications in gaming, kiosk, digital signage, medical/healthcare, defense and industrial automation and control.

The 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors are manufactured on the latest 22nm process technology and are the most powerful and energy efficient CPUs from Intel to date. Portwell has taken advantage of this technology to create a series of products that provide smart security, cost saving management, and intelligent performance for industrial platforms. Portwell's WADE-8013 is based on the Intel® Q77 Express chipset and the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors, in an LGA1155 socket which have integrated the memory and PCI Express controllers supporting two-channel DDR3 long DIMMs and PCI Express 3.0 to provide great graphics performance.

The Intel® Q77 Express chipset continues to work on the edge of innovation with a new architecture to deliver quality, performance, and industry-leading I/O technologies on most of the platforms powered by the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor family. WADE-8013 is the first Portwell off-the-shelf product utilizing the Intel® Q77 Express chipset in a Mini-ITX platform, and it is a good solution for customers to integrate into their industrial embedded systems.

The WADE-8013 has lots of features, including SATA storage specification, up to 6 Gb/s, within four SATA interface (two SATA III and two SATA II). It also provides connectors to allow RAID 0/1/5 and 10 modes, and the latest PCIe 3.0 (one PCI-Express x16 slot) to support devices for double speed and bandwidth, which enhances system performance. The primary interfaces of the WADE-8013 include the latest USB 3.0 high speed transmission technology which supports 10 USB ports (four USB 3.0 ports on rear IO and six USB 2.0 pin headers on board),two long-DIMM memory slots for DDR3 SDRAM, up to 16GB, and three types of displays: VGA, HDMI and DVI-D. The WADE-8013 is equipped with dual Gigabit Ethernet connectors and a mSATA via the Mini-PCIe which provides customers with the ability to choose flexible devices for their storage-demanding applications.

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