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Sage offering free SageBIOS Open Source Package for MinnowBoard MAX


Sage Electronic Engineering is offering free SageBIOS™ Open Source Package (OSP) firmware supporting the new MinnowBoard MAX for both the Intel E3815 (single-core) and the E3825 (dual-core) processors.

The binary SageBIOS boot ROM image, which is easily flashed on the development board's SPI Flash device, is based on the Intel® Firmware Support Package (Intel® FSP) and coreboot® open source initialization. The SageBIOS OSP replaces the UEFI firmware that comes installed on both versions of MinnowBoard MAX and will support booting a greater variety of operating systems, including FreeBSD and RTOS, as well as legacy operating systems such as older versions of Microsoft® Windows and even DOS.

The SageBIOS OSP will support all the operating systems supported by the native UEFI firmware, such as Windows® and Linux®. In addition, the SageBIOS OSP will boot both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems with a single boot image.

To download the firmware, please visit www.se-eng.com/minnow/.

In the download you will receive instructions to program the ROM on your development board. Welcome to the world of open source development on Intel x86 processors.

About Sage Electronic Engineering 

Sage Electronic Engineering, LLC, of Longmont, Colo. (http://www.se-eng.com/ www.se-eng.com), is an Affiliate member of the Intel® Internet of Things Alliance, providing royalty-free customized Board Support Packages marrying open source (including coreboot®) solutions with proprietary software. Sage partners with processor manufacturers, including Intel®, to provide coreboot solutions for the open source community, as well as developing SageBIOS™ BSPs for customers desiring the flexibility of open source firmware stripped of unnecessary code and backed by rigorously tested solutions.
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Hi Jeff,

Sent this out on the linux mailing list for the Minnowboard but I figure no harm putting it here if other folk are searching for the same thing as me:

Just found this in the SagsBIOS release notes while digging around:

- SageBIOS_MinnowMax_11_BSP_minnowmax.ehci.rom

Tested/validated SageBIOS ROM image for MinnowBoard MAX boards, with

USB configured as EHCI devices

- SageBIOS_MinnowMax_11_BSP_minnowmax.rom

Tested/validated SageBIOS ROM image for MinnowBoard MAX boards, with

USB configured as XHCI devices

So looks like there are EHCI and XHCI images included in the package published, only they don't seem to be where the release notes state them to be in my package… Looked all through the tar and can't find them. Am I missing anything obvious here? I need the EHCI image for doing some Win7 setup due to lack of XHCI support in the WinPE environment.

Many thanks

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Actually they are in the full BSP, not the free demo OSP, so you just read the release notes a little wrong:

I'll get with you on the MinnowBoard discussion page to try and figure out the install.




This Open Source Package contains the source code necessary to build the Open

Source components of the SageBIOS image for a specific platform:



It does not contain proprietary components (which are not Open Source, and

therefore cannot be distributed). The release notes included below indicate

the contents, features and capabilities of the complete BSP, which may support

more than just this specific platform.


For information on purchasing a BSP (Board Support Package) with source code

and the proprietary binary components which enable you to build a BIOS for

boards built around the MinnowMax platform -- including modifying the BIOS

for your own platform -- please contact mailto:Sales@se-eng.com Sales@se-eng.com.

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New Contributor I

You can try Winzent BIOS. It supports EHCI and is free to use for Minnowboard Max. You can get more info at www.winzenttech.com.

Best regards,

B-O Bergman

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