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TrueHD audio does not play on DG45FC



I've bought DG45FC board a week ago and still cant figure how to get any sund on my headphones while playing Blu-Ray movie. I actually do not have a Blu-Ray reader, so I play directly from hard drive. I've tried couple of 1080p quality movies that have multiple audio tracks, usually English is coded in TrueHD and all other language in "Dolby Digital 5.1". At those other tracks play just fine, but when I choose English or any other language coded in TrueHD, there is no sound on headphones.

My headphones are connected directly to motherboards headphone (green) jack and I can clearly hear all sounds from other applications.

I am running Windows Vista Ultimate x86 OS, BIOS and all drivers are updated.

I have already tired more than 10 media players and all of them failed. I have also tried lots of codecs: K-lite, ffdshow, AC3, CCCP, ... And still nothing !

Monitor is connected via DVI and I do not use DHMI. I've tried it earlier, but since HDMI does not work without loaded video drivers (in BIOS, etc), I do not use it anymore.

Any suggestions?


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