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Unable to assign pins, DDR3, unable to build project, MAX10M50


Hello all. I am trying to use the DDR3 memory on the MAX10 FPGA 10M50 Evaluation Kit. In Qsys, I add the DDR3 memory controller. After I "generate HDL" in QSYS, I am told to run a tcl script so that the pins on the FPGA can be assigned to connect with the DDR3 memory on the board. When I try to run this tcl script in Quartus, I receive the following error messages (red text) in the tcl console.

Also, when I try to compile my FPGA design, I see the following outputs in the messages window:

I am prepared to provide any other information about the project should it be needed. I believe I have correctly added the QSYS component.

I have generated the HDL in QSYS without any error messages (4 warnings).

How should I go about solving these issues?

Do I need to provide any additional information so that I can get accurate advice on how to resolve my issues so that I can compile my Quartus project?



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Hello, moverlin:

Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.

We suggest you as a reference address your Altera devices consultations to the https://www.alteraforum.com/forum/forum.php Altera Forums because they have the information to proper help you.

We hope that this information is useful.

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