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Utilizing DFI's 6th Gen Intel® Core™ Industrial-Grade Boards to Meet the Needs of Vertical Applications



Utilizing DFI's 6th Gen Intel® Core™ Industrial-Grade Boards  to Meet the Needs of Vertical Applications


DFI, a leading provider offering a wide range of embedded products for industrial applications, is introducing thirteen industrial motherboards based on the 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processor family (codename Skylake) and built on Intel's new 14nm process technology. DFI's board lineup covers a range of platforms including: powerful workstations, cost-effective desktops, and low thermal U-series processors to satisfy various requirements in embedded applications.




New Series of Workstation Boards for Entry-Level Servers


DFI's new series of workstation motherboards feature the latest Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 v5 product family under Intel®C236 chipset to offer new options for entry-level server and workstation applications. This new series has an upgraded 64 GB DDR4 memory that enables accelerated exploration of complex data and provides dramatic improvements in graphics capabilities to optimize business. In addition, these boards support enhanced ECC memory and Intel® vPro™ technology to make sure servers are secure, manageable, and highly reliable for 24/7 operation.



Workstation Products: http://www.dfi.com/products/product.html?productId=10040 SD631-C236, SD331-C236



SD631-C236 ATX Board for Broadcasting Control Center


Complete Desktop Product Line for Industrial Control


DFI has designed a comprehensive product line of desktop platforms with the latest Intel® Q170/H110 chipset and LGA1151 socket (which supports 6th Gen Intel® Core™/Pentium®/Celeron® processors). These embedded boards are equipped with intensive computing, graphics, and flexible I/O capabilities in variable forms (ATX/microATX/Mini-ITX) to make these boards an ideal controller for industrial automation machines in smart factory. Due to the advanced I/O expandability (up to 10 USB 3.0 ports, 6 SATA 3.0 ports, and 20 Gen 3 PCIe lanes support), this product line is able to seamlessly connect industrial legacy devices to the IoT cloud. Thus, the users are able to monitor manufacturing processes remotely and improve factory's productivity and reliability.



Desktop Products: http://www.dfi.com/products/product.html?productId=10045 SD631-Q170, http://www.dfi.com/products/product.html?productId=10031 SD630-H110, http://www.dfi.com/products/product.html?productId=10044 SD331-Q170, http://www.dfi.com/products/product.html?productId=10051 SD330-Q170, http://www.dfi.com/products/product.html?productId=10050 SD330-H110, http://www.dfi.com.tw/products/product.html?productId=10046 SD100-Q170, http://www.dfi.com/products/product.html?productId=10049 SD101/SD103-Q170,http://www.dfi.com/products/product.html?productId=10047 SD100-H110, http://www.dfi.com/products/product.html?productId=10048 SD101/SD103-H110



SD330-Q170 microATX Board for Machine Vision


Low-Power U-series Boards for Smart Healthcare


DFI's Mini-ITX and 3.5" SBC boards (powered by 6th Gen Intel® Core™ U-series processor) provide high performance with low thermal design power (15 watts TDP) in a compact size. Moreover, the low-power boards are packed with state-of-the-art Intel®HD graphics which support triple independent displays, ultra-immersive 2D/3D video processing capabilities, and 4K high definition. These features make the boards suitable for space-constrained and graphics demanding solutions such as patient monitor, broadcasting system, and ultrasound medical imaging in smart healthcare.



ULT Products: http://www.dfi.com/products/product.html?productId=10029 SU171/SU173, http://www.dfi.com/products/product.html?productId=10055 SU551

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