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development tools for i486 processor


hi i started reading i486 processor for my next project,i want know the information about 486 processor and

development tool used dring development

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Hi http://communities.intel.com http://communities.intel.com id="jive-XiEHojSAdua0Rohg" onmouseout="quickuserprofile.cancelTooltip();" onmouseover="quickuserprofile.getUserProfileTooltip(38827);">bharathraj

Thank you for your interest in Intel® Embedded Products.

Please see thishttp://sunsite.rediris.es/pub/mirror/intel/pcn/Processors/D0106013.pdf http://sunsite.rediris.es/pub/mirror/intel/pcn/Processors/D0106013.pdf" >Product Discontinuance Notice. We stopped shipping the Intel486™ processor, so I really cannot recommend it for new designs.

However, if you are looking for a great embedded, long life, low-power, low-cost, 2-chip solution still based on the very popular Intel Architecture instruction set, then I would recommend the Embedded Menlow Platform:

http://ark.intel.com/platforms.aspx?fam=29013&series=&group=&platform=33311&mode=true http://ark.intel.com/platforms.aspx?fam=29013&series=&group=&platform=33311&mode=true" >http://ark.intel.com/platforms.aspx?fam=29013&series=&group=&platform=33311&mode=true

(note: the above page requires http://www.microsoft.com/SILVERLIGHT/ http://www.microsoft.com/SILVERLIGHT/" >Microsoft Silverlight* to be installed)

I hope this helps you on the path to developing a great Embedded application based on Intel technology.

Eric M. MantionCorporate Innovation EvangelistEmbedded & Communications Groupmailto:eric.m.mantion@intel.com mailto:eric.m.mantion@intel.com" >mailto:eric.m.mantion@intel.com

ARK: http://ark.intel.com/ http://ark.intel.com/" >ARK.intel.com (Intel® Quick Reference Guide)

HINT: Did you know you can find all the following information for any Intel http://ark.intel.com/Search.aspx?q=Processor http://ark.intel.com/Search.aspx?q=Processor" >Processor,http://ark.intel.com/Search.aspx?q=Chipset http://ark.intel.com/Search.aspx?q=Chipset" >Chipset, or http://ark.intel.com/Search.aspx?t=ProductGroup&q=Ethernet http://ark.intel.com/Search.aspx?t=ProductGroup&q=Ethernet" >Ethernet Controller on 1 page with http://ark.intel.com/ http://ark.intel.com/" >ARK:

  • Code Name
  • Extended Manufacturing support (7+ years)
  • Ordering Information
  • TDP (Watts)
  • Price (1ku Direct Tray for most products)
  • Key Technologies
  • Assoicated Platforms (not yet Ethernet Controllers)
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