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  Hello, our company is "Guangzhou Guangyou Communication Equipment Co., Ltd." from China. I'm looking for the eepromARMtool tool or source on ARM platform. Because we need to program the NVM of the i210 on some of our ARM based embedded products.

  And I know I should have an Embedded Design Center (EDC) Privileged account firstly, but I check my profile management page, it shows that 'Level is Privileged & Status is Rejected'. I'm not sure it is right or not, so if my account is access, please send eepromARMtool to my company email : mailto:luhd@gyt.com.cn luhd@gyt.com.cn (registe the EDC) or my personal email : mailto:luhuadong@163.com luhuadong@163.com. Thank you very much !

  If there any information I need to submit, please let me know, contact me with email is okay. Thanks!

  Have a good day! * ^ _ ^ *

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Hello, luckydarcy:

Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.

It is important to let you know that the requested tool is classified as Intel confidential material, which should be handled under the Corporate Non-Disclosure Agreement (CNDA) terms. Due to this fact, you need to update your Embedded Design Center (EDC) account to Privileged.

You can request this update by filling out the https://signin.intel.com/ContactUs Embedded Design Center (EDC) Account Support form.

We hope that this information may help you.

Best regards,


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