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82577LM port negotiation issue



I have a Dell E6410 with Intel 82577LM NIC. I have Windows 7 running on the computer. When I turn it on, the port speed is 10Mbps. It keeps this speed until Win7 boots up, then the speed is changed to 100Mbps.

If I start WinPE it also runs at 10Mbps until the end.

Is it possible to set this default port speed to 100Mbps, or to auto negotiated? It is frustrating, and it forces my switch to downgrade its port speed from 100 to 10 every time I turn Dell on, or waking up from hybernate.

I can't find any relevant setting in the BIOS, even if I upgrade it to A09 from Dell site (I assume it's not related to the Win7 driver, however I tried with Dell's and Intel's driver-

I checked an 82579LM (Lenovo T420), and an 82566MM (Toshiba Tecra) and both boot up at 100Mbps.

Any advice is appreciated.

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