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Adding NIC driver in Ghost Boot Wizard.

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In order to make a Ghost Boot disk for our Win7 wrokstation we need the driver for the NIC, 82578DM, in a .inf / .cat format. We can only find a self extracting exe file for this driver. Any suggestions? Thanks. Michael

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Hi Michael,

The executables are in a format that can be extracted by programs such as WinZip or WinRAR. You can also extract the files from the executable using command line switches as explained in the readme. I copied out the information you need below:

This self extracting archive supports the following command line parameters:



Destination path where the archived files will be extracted to.


Do not automatically start the installation process.


Extract the files silently.

For example, to only extract the contents of the webpack to a specific folder (and not run the installation), type the following:


/f /s /e

NOTE: The /f parameter must precede the /e parameter. Failure to do so may cause an "Unable to execute the specified command line!" error.

Have a great day!

Mark H