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Any experience with SR-IOV on more than 2x10GbE ?


I have been looking across many sources, to find a card that can do all of the following

  • Have more than 2 x 10GbE in I/O capacity - interestingly there now are several [1]
  • Use a chipset that is known for SR-IOV support (e.g. Intel 82599)
  • Fit into a low profile card slot on a high density HP SL230s servers [2]

Now, while It seem that just recently, the vendor community indeed came up with one first card that can match that list, which seemingly is Niagara 32714L from Interface Masters [3].

Even if maybe not in this particular HP server: Did anyone here or at Intel ever see this (rather young) card actually running

* under Linux

* using SR-IOV

anywhere at all yet?

Of course additional information on running it in HP SL230s servers would be extremely useful (I would not ask here if had gotten a useful answer already elsewherey...)

[1] 10GbE - 40GbE - NICs offers a quite impressive overview on 10GbE and 40 GbE cards in all forms and fashions

[2] HP ProLiant SL230s Gen8 Server overview - HP Small & Medium Business products

[3] Niagara 32714L - Quad Port Fiber 10 Gigabit Ethernet NIC Low Profile PCI-e Server Adapter Card

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Thanx for posting to our blog and your interest in SR-IOV.

We have tested more than 2 10GbE ports with SR-IOV using the Intel(r) 82599 controllers without any issues in a variety of servers, though I'm not sure about that specific server.

It is up to the server manufacturer to meet specific criteria in order to support SR-IOV in their platforms. We simply do not have the resources to test in every new server that comes out.

While the Quad Port card you mention may be very nice, it is generally not our policy to test the Ethernet devices of other companies, as such we have no experience with it at this time.



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