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Best driver for intel gigabit 82579v and windows 8.1 (low DPC count)


Hi guys,

I'm experiencing bad (distorted) sound (buffer underruns appearing as drop outs, clicks or pops.) when my network usage is average or high. I attached a LatencyMon report.

My motherboard is ASUS P8p67 pro and my network is intel gigabit 82579v

I have tried the most recent drivers and a random old windows 7 drivers. Windows 7 drivers seems to work better than the last drivers 20.7 ProWin64 but LatencyMon is still showing medium DPC count.

What driver should I use?

Should I uninstall windows 8.1 and go back to windows 7?

If I really want to keep windows 8.1, do I have to buy a new gigabit desktop Ethernet adapter?

It seems that I also have problems with usb drivers...

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Hi AlexHighDPC,

Thank you for contacting Intel.

With regards to your network performance, please check out suggestions found on the website below: Tuning Throughput Performance for Intel® Ethernet Adapters

1. Reduce Interrupt Moderation Rate to Low, Minimal, or Off

2. Increase the Transmit Descriptors buffer size. The default is 256. Maximum value is 2048.

3. Increase the Receive Descriptors buffer size. The default is 256. Maximum value is 2048.

4. Disable offloading options under Performance Option

See if these settings help improve the performance.



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