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Crackling sound after installing intel driver assistant


Hey everyone,


This is most likely not the right place for this issue, there was none for drivers.

I have had the problem of really bothersome crackling sounds that interrupt the music I'm playing from any source every 2-3 seconds. I recently performed a clean installation of windows 11 and installed all my software one by one hoping to find the culprit and I did, it's the Intel driver support assistant. There are no issues until installing it and the only fix I found so far is reinstalling windows without keeping personal files.


Thank you very very much for any suggestion you can make. I'm going crazy with this software

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Hi Busta,

Thank you for posting in Intel Ethernet Communities.

Kindly note based on the your explanation this seem not related to the Ethernet issue.

However I will try best effort to help you. The Intel Driver Support Assistant is a tool that helps you find and install the correct drivers for your Intel hardware. However, it's only meant for use on Intel systems, so it may not work properly or could even cause problems if you try to use it on other types of computers.

If you're not sure whether your computer is an Intel system or not, just let me know your computer's model number, and I can help you figure it out.

It's also worth checking whether your computer's manufacturer has their own driver update tool that's designed specifically for your computer. If they do, it's best to use that tool instead, because it will be tailored to your computer's specific hardware.

If you've already installed the Intel Driver Support Assistant and are having problems with it, there are a few things you can try. 

1) Try clearing your web browser's cache and restarting the tool to see if that fixes the issue. 

2) Try completely uninstalling the tool using a special uninstaller tool provided by Intel, and then reinstalling it from scratch.

Please let me know if you have further questions or concerns.



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