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DE1-SOC ethernet project. (please HELP!)

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Hi guys 


I am trying to build this project for a long time. Now, I reach a point where i really need help from a community like this one, so please don't leave me a lone with this issue :( 


Objective of this project: 

I have DE1-SoC board from terasic and i would like to send data from FPGA to PC through 1G ethernet port. The data is high sampling rate so i need to use the ethernet efficiently. 


What i did until now: 

I've used the DE1-SoC-GHRD demonstration example as a start point. I know how to control LEDs and read switched position through hps. I know that the ethernet is connected directly to the HPS. However, I don't know how to read and write in the ethernet port!!! 


Please help me guys
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I am stuck in a similar boat :( can you please help me understand how to configure the ethernet triple speed internet? I see so many signals and I get confused. I don't even know where to start.