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Hardware Timestamp on windows

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I would like to use hardware timestamping on windows, so I try to use this :


But I only get this error : "ERROR_BAD_DRIVER"

(I already tried to update my drivers, on windows 11, and also on windows server 2022.)


I have 2 intel network adapters now : i219-LM and i210-T1. 


Do you know if intel support hardware timestamp on windows please ? 

Or only on linux ? 


In this page, specifications indicate that it does support PTP IEEE 1588, 

but it's not specified if it does support only software timestamp on windows or more.


Do you know if any other intel network adapter does support hardware timestamp on windows, please ? 


Kind regards. 

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Shame on you Intel!


For years you were telling us that we shall blame Microsoft, because they didn't come up with a driver infrastructure for PTP.


Now Microsoft made their homework and you dare to tell us now that you won't support PTP on Windows.


Shame on you Intel! You don't care about what you claimed in the past!

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Hello Azeem,

Thank you for your support.


I've noticed a discrepancy between your post and the information provided on Intel’s official website.

According to your website (Article ID: 000089268, Last Reviewed: 12/07/2022), it's mentioned that Hardware Timestamp (HW Timestamp) for the PTP is supported on e1r devices (I210, I211, and I350) under Windows. )


It specifically recommends using the PROSet Adapter Configuration Utility (ACU) to enable this feature.

I have followed these instructions and attempted to enable PTP using the PROSet ACU without success.

Your post, however, suggests that PTP is not validated on Windows and is only fully supported under Linux for the I210 IEEE 1588, which seems contradictory.


Looking forward to your clarification, please.


Best regards,


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