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Help needed for Intel Pro/100 Sp Mobile Combo Adapter - Ethernet card BIOS EEPROM content


Hi anybody,

I have an old IBM Thinkpad T22 running under Win98 with mentioned MiniPCI card installed.

From IBM/Lenovo homepage I downloaded the BIOS flash driver, containing FBOOTP.EXE. After running it the MAC changed to 0000 ABAB ABAB and the whole AT49BV512 content changed to ABAB as well. At least EEUPDATE tells me. And EEUPDATE (using /GUI) also tells me that the data of the AT49BV512 is 2 word long. Using EEUPDATE from DOS booted I can only read word 0h and 1h (also 2 words).

Seems to me as if there is kind of write protection to the DATA part of the EEPROM.

Running IBAUTIL -save from PRORPL package can dump the EEPROM content to a 65535 bytes file. I can also use IBAUTIL -restore to restore the whole 65535 bytes. IBAUTIL -update works as well and puts the new version into the EEPROM.

My hope:

If I can restore a whole EEPROM content file - and have a good one the EEPROM data will be ok as well and I cann sett the appropriate MAC address.

So I hope somebody can provide me with the 65535 bytes EEPROM dump file of this card. I know, it is out-dated, no more Intel supported.

Thanx for help


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