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How to force install Intel Proset 18.8

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I am looking to force an install of Intel Proset 18.8 where an Intel adapter is not yet present.

We are a system builder and regularly build new server images for different Microsoft server operating systems. Normal procedure is that we build a test server, install drivers, install utilities & programs such as Adobe Reader, Intel Proset etc and then capture that image using Microsoft DISM. We then offline inject drivers to take into account other possible image deployment scenarios such as different RAID drivers etc with the intention being that the image will be as hardware independent and universal as possible. All physical hardware is then detected correctly as soon as the image is deployed to a physical server.

Recently we have started creating master images using Windows Hyper-V rather than a physical server. All images are eventually fully tested with hardware but for the initial server OS install and DISM capture the use of VMs is very convenient. Installation of programs, utilities and drivers is flawless except for one small problem and that is that Intel Proset will not install because it cannot see any Intel Network adapters installed. I have tried installing some dummy Intel parts via the add hardware wizard in device manager but to no avail.

Is there a way to force an install of the software component of Intel Proset (excluding drivers) without an Intel LAN adapter being present?



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