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I217-V limitted connection


I'm not sure if this is good category. If not- im sorry.


Couple days ago i just bought a new computer (Asrock z87 extreme3, intel i5-4670k...). So i buit it by myself, everything went alright, settings, then i installed windows 7 x64. So then was time for drivers which i installed from CD, i was really happy, until i plug in rj-45 into. Connection is limited to 2 Mbps download and 0.03 Mbps upload, which i have connection 30 mbps / 3Mbps. Router is Linksys wrt54GL which have nothing to do, becouse when i unplug cable and plug into my laptop (hp g62-b45ew Win 7 x86) i have connection 30/3 Mbps.

I was using drivers from attached disc, so i download the newest from asrock site. I remove old drivers, install new, and nothing have change. I also download the newest drivers from intel site ( its internet adapter intel ethernet connection I217-V)- nothing have change.

What should i do ? Is it becouse im using win7 instead of win8 ? I really don't want to change os and make format.

Here are prove:

1. Cable in laptop:

2. The same cable, on the same settings on new computer:

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