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I350 T2V2 Bluescreen WIn10 64bit


Windows version: Windows 10 Enterprise Version: 21H2

OS Build: 19044.2075

Intel Wired: 27.6

Network card: Intel I350-T2V2

Driver version:

Driver date: 2021-12-14


Hi , I am facing bluescreen on I350-T2 when try to disable Interrupt Moderation or any other settings with the code BUGCODE NDIS DRIVER. On a second identical PC i have with the second card with Windows 10 Enterprise build 1809 and latest drivers I do not have this problem or blue screen. No the card is not malfunctioning i have already done the changeover with the second identical PC I have. Regards, Chris




I post a new message because on previous post I do not know I couldn't reply for unknown reason.


The driver I have downloaded is this:


The wired driver only.


The more intresting is that when I disable everything from the drivers (interrupt moderation, offloading,side scaling,etc.) it performs way better but the blue screen are then not so often when the default parameters are installed.


Best regards,



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