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Intel 82579 and VLAN's



I have a question if this is a good solution or not.

Let's say we have two different VLAN's. VLAN 100 and VLAN 200. On my switch I have two computers connected.

One computer connected to port on switch with VLAN 100 and one with VLAN 200.

The ports on the switch where these are connected are configured as Untagged EDGE port.

Computer with VLAN 100: ip /24

Computer with VLAN 200: ip /24

These two computers does not support VLAN tagging. (In real life these are two IED's, but to simplify, I just call them computers)

A third computer is connected to the switch. Must be able to talk to both of them. The port on the switch where the third computer is to be connected, is configured as a Tagged TRUNK port. Allowing both VLAN's passing through.

This computer supports VLAN tagging.

On the network card, Intel 82579, on the third computer I add the VLAN 100 and VLAN 200 to the NIC. I get two new "Local Area Connections"

On these two new "Local Area Connections" I add the ip addresses /24 (VLAN 100) and /24 (VLAN 200).

This works and I have tested it. The VLAN's are separating the two computers and the third computer can talk to both.

What I'm wondering about is since the new "Local Area Connections" was added, and I have them both on the same subnet range, will this mess things up, or will it be ignored since we have the VLAN tagging there? Or does'nt this matter since we are only using one interface on the NIC?

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