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Intel Gigabit ET Dual Port, Windows 8 - constant restarts



I am having very difficult time with my Intel Gigabit ET Dual Port ethernet card in W8. It worked great in W7, but now it restarts whole computer after visiting some advanced options, or even when trying to uninstall or reinstall the driver.

After many tries I managed to uninstall the default Microsoft drivers, but after running PROWinx64.exe to install latest Intel drivers, the installer throws warning "No Intel Adapter was found." and then it quits. After I restart the computer, Microsoft drivers are installed automatically, but with no options for teaming etc., so the card is half useless. If I try to install Intel drivers over Microsoft ones, computer suddenly restarts.

If I try to install Intel driver manually by unzipping PROWinx64.exe, W8 says "The specified file was not found." and refuses to proceed with installation.

Does anybody have any idea what should I try next?



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