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Intel NUC11TNHi5 I-225v terrible network latency with Debian/Ubuntu

I just purchased an Intel NUC 11th generation TNH i5 computer. I have installed Ubuntu 22.04 LTS on it.

This NUC and its onboard NIC seem have terrible network latency. Is there a proper driver or fix or do I need to return this as defective?

The issues seems to primarily manifest when using my VPN providers DNS servers at the router. This is not negotiable and I won’t change my configuration as a work around for this expensive piece of equipment. Every other machine I have on my network handles this setup fine: MacBook pros, Dell and HP laptops running windows or other flavors of Ubuntu. As a matter of testing I did briefly swap out my VPN dns provider details at the router with OpenDNS and that resolved the issue. But again, this is an unacceptable work around for my use case.

This machine is plugged straight into Ethernet. WiFi is disabled as this is a server. Pings to Google take roughly 10-20s to initialize and return. Basically, any kind of name resolution work and this NIC falls apart. Going to or any other website other than directly to the numeric address through browser has 10-30 second delays before content is returned.

I cannot even test if the other issues related to this NIC are manifest because I’m so frustrated that basically name resolution isn’t working. Namely, I haven’t even been able to test if it’s also dropping packets or crapping out on large file downloads.

Rant over. I’ve paid a lot of money for this NUC and the support page says that Ubuntu os supported. Please provide some troubleshooting tips for resolving this firmware or driver issue.

Other things to note so I don’t have to waste time explaining later:

Not a dual boot machine; only Ubuntu
Cables are all fine, I made them myself and tested them on Klein tools
Running the current Linux kernel that came in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
I haven’t made any other changes at this point because it’s a fresh install

Looking forward to some support of this Intel created product so I hopefully don’t have to throw some more e-waste in the recycling
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Hi rationallyspeaking,

I apologize for the issue you are experiencing, but this is not the appropriate community forum to address your questions. I will proceed to close this thread, but please post your questions in the NUC community forum instead, which you can access through this link:

In the meantime, if you need technical assistance for your NUC product, you can visit this website for support:

Best regards,


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