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Is it supported to mix a DAC/TwinAx cable and an SFP+ module on the same dual port card?


I have X520 cards ( 1 integrated and 1 PCI) in a dell R730.. each are dual port

On both cards, one port has a 3m dell DAC cable installed and working fine

in the 2nd port of each card I have tried to install an Intel E10GSFPSR Dual Rate 10GBase-SR/1000Base-SX SFP module but it will not "light Up"

we need the SFP/fiber because the connection is about 18m away ( Juniper switch with Juniper SFP modules which work fine)

Is this configuration supported ,1x DAC cable and 1xSFP+ module installed in the same 2port card?

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Hi MoreDirect-cmeyer,

Thank you for contacting Intel.

Yes. You can install any mix of supported SFP optical modules, SFP modules or direct attach cables on the same dual port adapter. You can plug any supported module into any port. Refer to website below for more information: SFP+ Modules, SFP Modules, and Cables Compatible with X520 Series

Feel free to contact us again if you have further questions.



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