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Is there any Intel x550-t2 ethernet adapter driver available for Windows 10?



According to Intel® Ethernet Adapters Windows® 10 Support page,

it seems x550-t2 ethernet adapater driver is available on Windows 10.

But when I actually go to the Intel Network Driver for Windows 10 page and look at the "This download is valid for the product(s) listed below." list which is located at the below of the page,

x550-t2 is not in the list but only x540-t2.

It seems that x550-t2(2016) is more newer product than x540-t2(2012) and support pcie 3.0 rather than pcie 2.0, and also cheaper.

So I want to go with x550-t2, but I'm not sure it's supported on Windows 10, the OS I use, and the intel's webpage is confusing me about this topic.

So my question is,

1. Is there any Intel x550-t2 ethernet adapter driver available for Windows 10?

2. Or, is intel x550-t2 ethernet adapter driver for Windows 8* well works in Windows 10 too? If so, what will be drawbacks or side-effects using Windows 8 driver in Windows 10?


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Hi sadasfew,



Thank you for the post.Apologize for the confusion. The X550-T2 does support Windows 10, you can use the driver available at



Please take note of the special note regarding ANS in Windows 10


"Creating Intel ANS teams and VLANs on Windows® 10 is currently not supported. As a result, when created, teams and VLANs do not pass traffic. We expect that ANS will be supported on Windows 10 client in a future release."



We will check to include the X550-T2 in the list.







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