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Max10 Development board Raw Ethernet Example

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I had posted a thread several weeks back about raw ethernet frames but didn't get much of response from it. I came across a perfect example but it related to the DE-115 board. I managed to port over the example over to the Max10 Development board. I have also added some features to that example which will serve our application quite nicely.  


Example Here: 


However, this example demonstrates the Marvell PHY 88E1111 in RGMII mode. Our application calls for MII mode. And this is where my problems come in. I changed the interface on the Triple Speed Mac side to 10/100Mbps MII small Mac. I have changed the speed bit on the MAC side to 10/100Mbps. Now, which registers do I need to set on the PHY side. Waiting on the NDA from Marvell on that.  


So, some questions are: 


Do I need to set the speed on the Marvell PHY 88E1111? The example only sets up a phase shift on the input and output clocks. Doesn't mention how they set the speed on the PHY.  


There are couple things that confusing me: 


Using signal tap I noticed that my TX and RX clocks from the PHY are different. Looks like my RX clock is running at 25MHZ and my TX clock is running at 2.5MHZ. Not sure if this bad or good. 


Please help I am lost at the mome
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Hello All, 


This thread has helped me out tremorously: 


I am now able to send data verified through Wireshark. Still having trouble receiving though. Please Help.
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Hello Everyone, 


This post got me 50 percent of the way there: 


I am now able to transmit raw Ethernet frames and Wireshark detects the packet. Still having issues receiving . Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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Did you ever figure this out? I'm trying to do something similar. A datasheet for the Marvell PHY 88E1111 on the MAX10 Development Kit would help, but I can't find it anywhere.