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Virtual Function (VF) Tx Rate Limit on XL710-Q2 NIC card


How to enable tx rate limiting? I referred and ran below command

# ip link set p2p2 vf 15 rate 1000

But it doesn't seem to be effective. From iperf i can still send and receive more than 1gbps traffic. Hardware/software configurations are attached.


  1. Is this any configuration issue? Or any other issue (hardware/driver/kernel/or any thing else?
  2. Is there any similar mechanism available for rx rate limiting?
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Hello pherle,


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I have noticed that you have another ticket request open with us and our colleague is already working on it. With this, we would suggest continue working with them to avoid confusion and duplicate for this issue.  


Please be informed that we will proceed closing this request after 1 business day. Just feel free to post a new question if you may have any other inquiry in the future.


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