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Why has the ANS Teaming feature been removed from latest Windows 10 driver?


Can anyone please explain why Intel no longer supports ANS Teaming functionality in Windows 10. The latest update wreaked havoc on my system. I've spent a good money on hardware infrastructure to support an ANS Team and its been working flawless until the other day. Can anyone please explain why this happened and what can i do about it.

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Hi PaulMrti,

I am sorry to hear what happened. But currently the ANS and VLAN is not supported on Windows 10* but will be supported in a future release.

Please refer to the downloadcenter important note: Download Network Adapter Driver for Windows® 10

"Important Note: Creating Intel® ANS teams and VLANs on Microsoft Windows® 10 is currently not supported. As a result, when created, teams and VLANs do not pass traffic. We expect that ANS will be supported on Microsoft Windows 10 client in a future release"




There is an OS limitation that we are working with Microsoft to fix. Once the OS supports ANS teaming correctly, it will be re-enabled in our driver release packages.

Keep in mind that ANS will only load on devices that are Windows 10 WHQL certified. These include LAN On Motherboard or add-in cards based on the following silicon:

Intel(r) Ethernet Controller I211-AT* (cannot initiate a team)

Intel(r) Ethernet Controller I210-AT

Intel(r) Ethernet Controller I210-IT

Intel(r) Ethernet Controller I350-AM2

Intel(r) Ethernet Controller I350-AM4

Intel(r) Ethernet Controller X540-AT2 or -BT2

Intel(r) Ethernet Controller X550-AT2 or -BT2

Intel(r) Ethernet Controller X710-AM2 or BM2

Intel(r) Ethernet Controller XL710-AM1 or BM1

Intel(r) Ethernet Controller XL710-AM2 or BM2

Intel(r) 82599ES 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller

Intel® 82579LM Gigabit Ethernet PHY

Intel(r) Ethernet Connection I217-LM and -V*

Intel(r) Ethernet Connection I218-LM and -V*

Intel(r) Ethernet Connection I219-LM and -V*

Intel(r) Ethernet Connection X557-AT2


* I need to verify if you can initiate a team from the I211 or the I217-V/I218-V/I219-V (I'll update this post once I confirm).