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X540-T2 Issues (iscsi)



I recently updated a 2012 HyperVisor Server from GB iSCSI NIC to a X540-T2 NIC for use with iSCSI.

The System has onboard I350 Nics which I use for the LAN.

Initially I just allowed windows to install best driver (And I presume use the already installed v18 Proset) Things were fine for around 18 hours.

Then I got an event log from IXBGT event ID 56 stating that "Intel(R) Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X540-T2 The network driver has been stopped because the network adapter has been removed." - This brought down all the VM's and although device manager was seeing the NIC's and the NIC's had lights on, they were marked as disabled and could not be re enabled.

After a restart all was fine and then it happened again, around 18 hours later.

I updated the BIOS on the server and attempted to install the latest V19 driver package (changing virtual switch to internal beforehand)

Although the install stated it went ok, immediately it was noticed that performance was poor, and now I cannot see any advanced options within the NIC's - the pane states: "Your Device / OS combination does not support any VLAN advanced settings." (It's not on any VLANs)

The driver on the NIC now shows 05/12/2013 version

I will have another out of hours maintenance window soon, what's going on and what should I do ?

Thanks for you advice!


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OK, since this isn't working and I was unable to find a proper way of contacting Intel for help, could somebody please PM me with support contact details, (premium is fine) ?

I only want to ask the disti channel for help as a last resort.


Hi Zach,

Go to

Fill in your region, product, and question.

When you submit the form, you will get all the contact options.



yeah. I have seen that page linked from several dozen contact use links.

I select my region. EMEA

I select my product. Network Connectivity

Enter my 'question' - "issues with x540"

Click submit

Pop up appears.

"I want to identify my product"

"I want to download shit"

"Something silly about televisions" (ffs)

I enter into the almost invisible ask a question box "I am having issues with an X540"

I want help with monitors

I am having trouble with my TV



Help with BIOS

*same list*

*same list*

Contact us link goes to the link you posted.

Round and round.

We resell several 100k (GBP) of intel kit every year the least I would expect is a phone number or email address. when i get to this stage. or a reply on a 'forum'

I suppose never having been unable to find a solution in the past is kudos to the products. But FM! have I gone off them now.

hang on as I was writing that.... the screen changed. I suppose it is just a crap JS / AJAX website (I am sitting on a GB connection here with an twin i7 so I doubt it's my end. After the time it took to type the message about the screen went to the next blue arrow,

So the answer is 'patience'



Hi Zach,

Sorry that what you are seeing is sending you in circles. Hopefully these steps will help. We are not trying to make it hard. I will be giving the right people feedback on your experience. Feel free to PM me with any additional details you think are pertinent on the "Contact Us" experience.

By the way, the UK phone is 0870 607 2439.

I think the window you want is getting hidden by the pop up.

1. Fill out the form and submit

2. Close the Guide Me pop-up Window.

3. Select the contact option you want.

4. If for example you choose phone, you'll get a list of phone numbers for several countries.I scrolled down to find the UK number.



Ok, right. I see what has happened. The bit I was missing was 'close the guide me pop-up window'

Thinking I was on a reputable site, with a reputable company, with a trusted SSL certificate with a steady SHA fingerprint I made the STUPID and may I say 'N00b' internet faux pas of trusting a gad damned pop-up.

What an idiot. What a stupid website. Together we make a bad mix.

Additionally, a colleague claims to have filled in one of those forms yesterday evening with no response so far.

My apologies.

As I stated above I have filled in the appropriate form asking them to review the issue I have which I detailed rather verbosely. We have a further 4 of these cards so I would like to make use of them somehow, I would especially like to return this HV into full service without another rack visit.

This weekends maintenance window is being utilised upgrading the remaining 18 servers with Nextreme NICs which were tested last 2 nights ago without issue and purchased 6 hours ago having had no satisfaction with Intel. Small fry I know. I would have loved to be able to perform a comparison.

Be nice to get a result either way, can't or can.


Since I can't reply to your email, you guys are so obfuscated it's annoying.

Thanks Mark, I appreciate the assistance.

Too late to stop me looking like a fool to the client (and I guess to Intel forums) , but hey ho. That's what happens when I behave gung ho and present untested solutions to a client and test mid-week all bravado – like nobody ever got fired for buying IBM days.

Entirely my fault and I should/do know better. I treated it as just another intel NIC upgrade and what could go wrong. Luckily my counterpart was clever enough to hedge the bet and propose a showdown.

I still have £1000 worth of NICs to try and utilise and I would rather do it with the same client. We are small and out 10GB (copper) roll outs are only just beginning…


Thanks, I have submitted a form. good luck to me.

Strange how a form of a thousand question doesn't have server 2012 on it as an OS.


IXBGT event ID 56 stating that "Intel(R) Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X540-T2 The network driver has been stopped because the network adapter has been removed."




This happens if the NICs are enabled and not being actively used for iSCSI initiator traffic.

If the NICs are disabled the server seems stable.