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X710-DA2 in HP DL360G8 causes Blue Screen


I have 2 new X710 cards to install in our HP DL360G8 hypervisor servers with 2012R2 64bit Datacenter loaded. The card shows up in device manger as Other Devices, Ethernet Controller. I downloaded driver 20.4.1 and when I install the driver it blue screens the server. I also updated firmware with NVMUpdate Utility I installed this on 2 servers with the same OS and had the same result. I just tried installing 20.3 and it blue screened when loading the drivers also.

I also had an X520-DA2 card for another server and it is identified and installs without any problems, so what is my problem with the X710?

Any ideas?

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Hi Rockien,

Thank you for contacting Intel.

There are several reasons that causes blue screen. I see you have tried different driver versions already. Other reasons can be -

1. SFP+ module - use supported modules only. X710 Series—Compatible SFP+ Modules, SFP Modules, and Cables

2. Compatibility - check if HP* server can support X710 Adapter

3. Try the adapter on another system

You may also check with HP* for assistance.



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Thanks for the help.

I installed the card with out any SFP modules, but I will check out the list. The server has supported slots pci 3.0, so I'm not sure what other compatibility checks to look for. The X520 works right out of the box on the same server, so what is the difference between those 2 cards, other than I think it is a pcix 2 compliant card. I thought the X710 was a newer version of the X520. I'll do some more testing and see what I can come up with

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