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e1qexpress error intel 82583v gigabit network connection netwrok link is disconnected error in event viewer


I have seen this similar questions posted here for other intel Ethernet problems wich are basically the same issue I am having my issue is with a asrocks 990fx extreme 9 motherboard and also a asus h81m-k motherboard which both have this intel Ethernet chip 82583v and both are doing the same thing connections are constantly hanging

most times we have to refresh to get a page to respond and keep getting dns server timed out errors as well as the network is disconnected error I see this has been a on going problem for a couple years from what I am reading and researching on has anyone figured this problem out yet I have tried every possible driver version from intel and also tried changing setting as well tried turning off or disabled the wake on lan and I have tried disabled the power saving features also I have tried changing speeds of the connection but nothing seems to work I only have one pci slot on my board and I use a tv tuner card so I don't want to have to use a Ethernet card as well any way any help or suggestions would be really appreciated sorry for the run on sentences but I am not too good with English so I do apologise for my bad grammar it is just so frustrating to have spent 1200 dollars building my rig and I cant even get online half the time and arocks has been no help whats so ever but neither has asus so if I cant get help from you guys I don't know what I can do anyway thanks in advance jaymus777

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