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i210 EEupdate64e programming a shared flash and not its own flash?


I've got a ComExpress carrier board that accommodates a board with either a i210 or i211.

On the carrier board itself, I also have a i210.

Programming my own i210 using EEupdate64e seems to work well, specifying bus# and device # . Everything works on the network with both network devices, until I replace the ComExpress board with another new card.

Then it seems that my on-carrier i210 loses its programming, and I need to reprogram the carrier card 's i210 mac address.

I noticed a strange "shared flash" notice from the EEupdate64e process.

Is the flash program updating a single flash on the ComExpress and not the i210's flash on the carrier?

If so, is Linux and the i210 driver somehow taking the responsibility of doing register setup instead of the power-up flash read, and is there a way to prevent this?

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Thank you for posting in Intel Wired Ethernet Communities. Have you tried asking for assistance in Intel Embedded Community? Please ask Intel Embedded Community, as this involves embedded devices. Please let us know if you have any other questions.



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