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question about vmq (vmdq) on Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 SP1

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Hello there


- Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 SP1

- Intel Gigabit ET Dual Port Server Adapter (82576 controller)

I download drivers for network adapter from there, install them with "PROSet for Windows Device Manager" and "Advanced Network Services" checkboxes, after that I know that there is a minimum two different ways to activate vmq:

1. Manually edit registry (settings for adapter and settings for hyper-v)

2. Automatically enable vmq by using prosetcl.exe command line utility (prosetcl adapter_setsetting MY_ADAPTER_NUMBER *VMQ Enabled)

and it work fine. At least I think so

The general question is - how I can see that this technology is really work in this configuration (e.g. hyper-v server, not full windows server installation)? I know that I can use same prosetcl.exe utility to view current status of vmq (enabled or disabled), but what if I need some more information - something like ststistics information about how vmq worked?

In full installation of Windows Server 2008 R2 SP 1 EE with Hyper-V role and full installation (proset and other stuff) of drivers to network card there is simple way to see if the vmq really work - look at network adapter properties from device manager. Like that:

this feature allows me to see at least some peace of information about vmq, but how can I get same information on my Hyper-V Server when there is no device manager snap-in available?

Connecting to device manager on that Hyper-V Server from computer with full windows server 2008 r2 installation (with intel drivers and proset installed, and same network adapter) don't work - it didn't show additional adapter settings like it looks in local device manager snap-in.

I will very appreciate if anyone can help me with this question

p.s. sorry for my English, I don't know it very well yet

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Thank you for posting your suggestions for improving the Intel(R) PROSet command line tool. I have submitted a request to the engineering team to add the capability to find out VMQ status in the command line tool similar to what is available in the graphic user interface.

I am not sure about how to monitor this information with other tools. You could probably get the information using the Windows Management Interface (WMI). The reference manual for WMI with Intel(R) Ethernet adapters is at Unfortunately, I can't find VMQ or VMDq mentioned in this guide.

I am asking some other people about how you might find the information now. I will let you know anything I find out.

Mark H


One of our software engineers provided me some additional information about a way to get the VMQ information in a core installation using WMI.

The VMQ information is passed up as a setting. A script could be written to get the values for the following settings:

  • VMQ_QueueID




  • VMQ_RxPackets


  • VMQ_TxPackets


The graphical version of Intel(R) PROSet for Windows Device manager uses those settings for the displayed status.

Writing the needed scripts depends on the tool you use to get the information from Windows, and the scripts are outside of my expertise. I hope this information will be enough for you to obtain the status information.

Mark H

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Mark, thank you for fast response and for provided information, it was very helpfull for me